The I’ve Been Meaning To Do This For A Long Time Thank You Giveaway

About a month ago, at least I think it was a month ago, I realized I’ve reached 3,000 followers on twitter. You guys, I’ve reached 3,000 followers on twitter. That’s INSANE. Like, I’m flabbergasted that I could even reach 100 twitter followers, never mind 3,000. I’ve been meaning to do a thank you giveaway for a long time, but things keep popping up. I either had to work, do crazy amounts of homework, or have some studying to do. I finally have time to do a proper giveaway for you guys now, so I’m sorry for the delay. But hey, better late than never right?

What am I giving away? Well, Becca Fitzpatrick, who wrote the Hush, Hush series and Christina Lauren of the Beautiful Bastard series will be visiting New York and you know what that means. You guys can win your choice of any book from them, personalized and SIGNED. And yes, your options can include their latest releases in October, Black Ice or Sublime.

ARC Book Review: Messenger of Fear – Michael Grant

messengeroffearMessenger of Fear
Author: Michael Grant
Series: Messenger of Fear #1
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror
Release Date: September 23, 2014
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

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A frightening new series from Michael Grant
Mara wakes in a field of dead grass, a heavy mist pressing down on her. She is terrified, afraid that she is dead. There is a boy in that mist, a beautiful young man dressed in black and able to move effortlessly through space and time. He is the Messenger of Fear. And Mara is his new apprentice. The Messenger sees the darkness in human hearts – the destructive lies, the cruelty, the bullying, the violence. He offers the wicked a game. If they win, they go free. If they lose, they will live their greatest fear. Either way, their sanity will be challenged. It is a world of fair but harsh justice. If the world does not bring justice to those who do evil, the Messenger will. What has Mara done to deserve this terrible fate? She won’t find out until three of the wicked receive justice.
Michael Grant, author of the New York Times bestselling Gone series, has created a powerful and brilliant narrative that examines the nature of good and evil in every human.

First Sentence: My eyes opened.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review.

Book Review: Illusive – Emily Lloyd-Jones

Author: Emily Lloyd-Jones
Series: Illusive #1
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers

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They are young.
They are criminals.
They are immune.

When the MK virus swept across the planet, a vaccine was created to stop the epidemic, but it came with some unexpected side effects. A small percentage of the population developed superhero-like powers, and Americans suffering from these so-called adverse effects were given an ultimatum: Serve the country or be declared a traitor.
Some people chose a third option: live a life of crime.
Seventeen-year-old Ciere Giba has the handy ability to change her appearance at will. She’s what’s known as an illusionist. She’s also a thief. After crossing a gang of mobsters, Ciere must team up with a group of fellow super-powered criminals on a job that most would consider too impossible: a hunt for the formula that gave them their abilities. It was supposedly destroyed years ago – but what if it wasn’t?
Government agents are hot on their trail, and the lines between good and bad, us and them, and freedom and entrapment are blurred as Ciere and the rest of her crew become embroiled in a dangerous race that could cost them their lives.

First Sentence: Ciere Giba wakes up to pounding on her hotel door.